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Longspan shelving is perfect for storing away smaller products that can be easily hand loaded. This type of shelving is very strong and durable, capable of holding particularly heavy loads. It can be designed to your preferred size.


We at Acrow UK LTD are able to procure a variety of different styles of shelving that your factory, warehouse or office preferably requires through most leading manufacturers. These shelving systems are better suited for smaller loads. Depending on your business’ needs, we can find the right system best suited to your workspace.

shelving system

Our UK branch is a family run business based in the Stratford and Warwick area, Warwickshire.

Acrow is a well-established company with branches based worldwide. We are known for providing quality service to help ensure a safe workspace for you and your employees by providing and installing our various styles of racking and shelving systems to best suit your business needs. Not only do we provide these various styles of racking and shelving, we also do mezzanine fittings to create more space in your warehouse or factory for storage of your works equipment or product.

Maintaining the health and safety of a working environment is extremely important for the future of any business. Acrow UK LTD carries out racking inspections to make sure your business can run efficiently and assists in ensuring the safety of you, your employees and site visitors.

We will quote your business with the appropriate styles of racking and shelving systems that we offer to best suit your workspaces needs.